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Truly Transform is a 6 week at-home, doctor-directed detoxification and health transformation program that will TRULY TRANSFORM your health.

It includes:

  1. A Urine Test Kit to check for Liver, Gallbladder, and Kidney Function & Toxicity
  2. An Initial Video Appointment with Diane Angela Fong, ND to review urine test results and assess your health and past labs, ensuring your safety and success in this program
  3. 3 months of Direct Support from Dr. Fong through weekly group coaching calls so that you feel supported every step of the way
  4. 3 Group Video Visits with Dr. Fong to ensure safety and efficacy as your proceed through the program
  5. A Truly Transform Workbook and Step-by-Step Video Instruction by Dr. Fong to educate and guide you through the program

Dr. Fong designed this program to transform your body by targeting the root cause of chronic disease - TOXIC BURDEN. When your system is burdened with toxins, you will inevitably gain weight and develop symptoms that act as an "alarm system" to let you know that something is wrong.

The goal of this program is to eliminate your symptoms COMPLETELY and Truly Transform your health!

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Your Instructor

Diane Angela Fong, ND
Diane Angela Fong, ND

Dr. Diane Angela Fong, ND is the Medical Director of NaturalStart Medicine, creator of Truly Transform, and a naturopathic doctor specializing in Naturopathic Toxicology, Endocrinology, Fertility, Dermatology, Gastrointestinal Health, & Complex Cases. Dr. Fong's practice focuses on treating children and adults suffering from chronic disease, and educating families about preventive care. Her special interests are chronic pediatric and adult conditions, chronic skin disease, gastrointestinal complaints, infertility, anxiety, depression, endocrine-related issues, and complex cases.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to the program?
After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for three months - across any and all devices you own.
Does the program price include the supplements?
No. After you purchase the Truly Transform program, you will need to purchase the Truly Transform Box separately. Please note, the Truly Transform Box of supplements is mandatory to complete the program.
Can you do this program if your gallbladder has been removed?
Yes, you can. You will want to mention this to Dr. Fong at your initial video appointment so that she can give you extra support during the program, if needed.
I have severe symptoms, I have multiple diagnoses, and/or I taking multiple medications. Can I do this program?
If you have severe symptoms, have multiple diagnoses, and/or taking multiple medications, you may want to do a Discovery Consultation with Dr. Fong first so that she can determine what is the best route for you. Go to to schedule a Discovery Consultation with Dr. Fong
Can I use my Flexible Spending or Health Savings Account to pay for this program?
The Truly Transform Program may be FSA/HSA eligible as a health program or class. Contact your FSA/HSA to inquire whether you can use these funds to cover Truly Transform.
Will I get assessed individually by Dr. Fong?
Yes! Everyone in the program gets assessed individually by Dr. Fong in their initial video visit. Dr. Fong will ensure that you are proceeding safely and effectively through this program. In this visit, she will let you know if you need additional support from herself or another naturopathic doctor to get through this program safely and effectively.
Is Dr. Fong "treating" me in this program?
No, Dr. Fong is not "treating" you in this program. In order to receive treatment from Dr. Fong, you must become an individual patient of hers so that she can assess your case and provide individualized treatment for your condition. If you would like to talk to Dr. Fong about individualized care, please schedule a one-on-one discovery consultation with Dr. Fong at In the initial video consultation, Dr. Fong will assess your health and determine if you need to proceed with individual care with her or another naturopathic doctor as you go through this program. She will not be prescribing any individualized supplements to you in this program. You will be following the program as directed, and Dr. Fong will be providing support and answering questions specific to the program, so that you can get through this program safely and effectively.

Ben talks about eczema, swelling, headaches, low-energy, anger, and his addiction to self-medications before the Truly Transform program.

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