"Dr. Fong's Truly Transform Program has changed my life. I suffered from chronic migraines, eczema, intestinal discomfort, sore joints, back pain, irregular sleep, ADD, brain fog, mood swings, and lethargy. I wasn't the only one suffering, either. My wife and family found it difficult to be around me.

Through Dr. Fong's program, I began the process of detoxifying my body and my life, alleviating nearly all of my symptoms. I want to keep getting healthier! Now that I know what I've been doing to myself to cause my symptoms, I know how to stay healthy for life, not just for a season."

- Ben R., Truly Transform Graduate July 2019

Truly Transform is a doctor-directed detoxification and health transformation program designed by Dr. Diane Angela Fong, ND to safely and effectively detoxify your system, flush a decade's worth of toxins from your system, and truly transform your health!

Program Benefits:

  • Lose Excess Weight & Learn How to Keep it Off
  • Increase Energy Levels
  • Improve Sleep
  • Decrease Inflammation & Pain
  • Stop Bloating & Gut Symptoms
  • Cleanse & Renew Your Skin
  • Address the Root Cause of All Chronic Symptoms & Disease
  • Break Your Addictions to Sugar, Alcohol, Coffee & More
  • Learn How to Clean ALL parts of your life - body, home, environment, mind - to truly TRANSFORM!

What is the Detox Funnel and Why Do We Need to Flush it Out?

The "Detox Funnel" is Dr. Fong's metaphor for the liver, gallbladder and all the detoxification pathways. Every toxin you eat, breathe, and touch gets metabolized through this funnel, including dietary fats and hormones, such as estrogen. These toxins are then excreted out of your body through urine, bile and stool.

The "size" of your funnel is determined by genetics and stress. Although you are born with a specific funnel size, your diet, lifestyle, and environmental factors can expose you to a variety of harmful toxins, which not only "clog" your funnel, but also cause it to get "smaller." This leads to an increased load of toxins AND a decreased ability to filter through these toxins.

When your funnel is full, the toxins cannot leave the body. Instead, they recirculate through the system, causing toxic burden. This increased toxin load triggers an alarm system, which manifests as bodily symptoms. The alarm system usually starts in the least important organs, such as the skin, fat, joints, and muscles, manifesting as diseases such as eczema, obesity and arthritis. If this continues, the toxins eventually infiltrate the more important organs, leading to chronic diseases and organ damage, with the end result being cancer and possibly even death.

In the Truly Transform Program, you will learn how to stop and reverse this process. In Phase 1, you will learn how to identify and eliminate the stressors clogging your funnel. In Phase 2, you will learn how to flush out a decade's worth of toxins. Once this is accomplished and symptoms subside, Dr. Fong will then teach you how to maintain a clean funnel to prevent disease and optimize health for the long term.

"Thank you Truly Transform for giving my health and wellness back! Not only have I lost weight and have an increase of energy, but it also has helped me to lower my blood pressure, solve my allergies and digestive problems, and boost my immune system. Through the program I have gained incredible knowledge and deeper awareness around my relationship with food and my body. I feel amazing and much happier, which has shaped me to make permanent changes and have a new balance in my life."

- Evelyn B., Truly Transform Graduate, July 2019

Are You a Good Candidate for Truly Transform? Take the Quiz!

Take the Health Assessment Quiz to find out if you are a good candidate for Truly Transform. This program is designed for people who have low to moderate symptoms, such as bloating, fatigue, weight problems, skin issues, joint pain, and PMS to name a few.

If you have low to moderate scores in all of the sections, you are a good candidate for this program! You do not have any severe dysfunction, and you should be able to get through the Truly Transform Program safely and effectively without individual care from Dr. Fong.

If you have moderate to high scores in some of the sections, you may need individual treatment with Dr. Fong BEFORE beginning this program. Make sure to check the box that says "I'd like learn more about how to improve my health score. Please send my results to NaturalStart Medicine and someone will give me a call to schedule a complimentary consultation." Someone from NaturalStart Medicine will give you a call to schedule a complimentary 15 minute consultation with Dr. Fong.

Why Choose Truly Transform?

High Levels of SUCCESS!

Truly Transform is not your average juice cleanse or detox-in-a-box. Dr. Fong has designed this program after years of clinical research with her chronically ill patients. With her guidance, you will safely and effectively achieve your health goals. If you have not found the answers you are looking for, or have tried detox or diet programs that didn't work or didn't stick, it is likely because you did not get to the root cause.

Dr. Fong will help you get to the ROOT CAUSE of your symptoms and make the impossible, POSSIBLE. She has developed a bulletproof recipe to truly transform your health. The recipe is simple - stop filling the "funnel", FLUSH it out, and everything in your body will start working the way it was designed to! Once this has been achieved, it is much easier to maintain optimal levels of health and TRULY TRANSFORM. Not just for a couple weeks, but for a lifetime.

Four Necessary Parts.

There are four necessary parts to your health transformation:

Part One: Assess & Set Goals

In order to transform, you need to know your current health state. You will complete a health and emotional assessment, perform at-home physical tests (with a partner) and an at-home urine test, and set your goals for the program.

Part Two: Phase 1 - DETOX

Phase 1 is a four week detox which includes the Truly Transform Diet and Supplements, doing The Magic Morning, following daily lifestyle detoxification support, and learning about the whole process as you go along!

Part Three: Phase 2 - FLUSH

After four weeks of detox, Dr. Fong will help you assess whether you are ready to move on to Phase 2. In Phase 2, Dr. Fong leads you through a flush of your "detox funnel."

Part Four: Re Assess & Maintain

After you have completed Phase 1 and 2, you will re-assess your health and learn how to truly transform for a lifetime of health.

Includes EVERYTHING you need to Transform

When you join Truly Transform, you will receive the following:

Step-by-Step Instruction by Dr. Fong: Dr. Fong will hold your hand every step of the way! Every day, you will watch short video modules where Dr. Fong will educate, support, and motivate you to ensure a successful transformation.

Live Coaching with Dr. Fong: Every two weeks, you can sign on to live coaching calls with Dr. Fong for the duration of your three month access to the program, so that she can answer your questions and keep you on track!

Truly Transform Workbook (with a daily journal): This workbook contains your health assessments, Truly Transform instructions, educational material to use alongside the video modules, a daily journal (includes daily reminders, symptom tracking, goal setting, gratitude), an at-home wellness guide, and Truly Transform recipes.

Test Kit: The test kit includes a urine test that will help you to understand your kidney and liver health.

Phase 1 Supplement Box: There are three supplements included with the Phase 1 Box. These supplements will provide the detoxification support you need to get through Phase 1 of the program.

Phase 2 Supplement Box: There are five supplements included in the Phase 2 Box. These supplements will support you through the flush procedure.

Access to the Facebook Group: In this group, you can connect with other Truly Transform participants and Dr. Fong. This is a great place to ask questions and get the support you need to have a successful transformation!

Live Coaching Webinars

Dr. Fong will be by your side every step of the way. The Truly Transform Live Coaching Webinars with Dr. Fong are offered every two weeks, on Saturday or Sunday. Once you have registered for the Truly Transform program, you will have access to the live webinars for three months and you can register for as many webinars as you'd like during this time. In these live webinars, Dr. Fong will go over the key points you need to know and you will be able to ask her questions about the program to make sure that you are progressing safely and effectively. This is an integral component to your success with Truly Transform!

Offered every two weeks, the time of the live coaching webinars are the following:

  • Assess & Set Goals: 9:30-10:00 am PST
  • Phase 1 - DETOX: 10:05-10:35 am PST
  • Phase 2 - FLUSH: 10:40 - 11:10 am PST
  • Re-Assess & Maintain: 11:15 - 11:45 PST

Your Instructor

Diane Angela Fong, ND
Diane Angela Fong, ND

Dr. Diane Angela Fong, ND is the Medical Director of NaturalStart Medicine, creator of Truly Transform, and a naturopathic doctor specializing in Naturopathic Toxicology, Endocrinology, Fertility, Dermatology, Gastrointestinal Health, & Complex Cases. Dr. Fong believes that a healthy start in life leads to a healthy future, and that chronic disease, especially in childhood, can lead to more serious problems down the line. Because of this, Dr. Fong's practice mainly focuses on treating children and adults suffering from chronic disease, and educating families about preventive care. Her special interests are chronic pediatric and adult conditions, chronic skin disease, gastrointestinal complaints, infertility, anxiety, depression, endocrine-related issues, and complex cases.

Why Did I Create This Program?

After years of treating patients of all ages and ailments, I have found that 80% of what I say and do with patients is the same - teach them how to build a strong health foundation and then DETOX, DETOX, and more DETOX.

This is because the root cause of chronic illness typically comes down to one thing - high toxic burden. Although one-on-one care is beneficial, education will empower you to take control of your own health by learning how to change the diet and lifestyle factors causing burden on your system. By completing the steps in this program, many patients can experience 50-100% relief from their ailments. If you are suffering from more severe dysfunction or multiple layers of disease, then you may also need individual care with me so that I can uncover any hidden toxicities in the system that need more specific attention. Please visit www.naturalstartmedicine.com for more information on my clinical practice.

I look forward to supporting you in your journey to optimal health!

Dedicated to you,

Diane Angela Fong, ND

Course Curriculum

  Appendix & Resources
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Here is the Welcome Video Module! This Video Module introduces you to the program and explains the entire program in detail.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts when you purchase the program and you have access to the program for three months after purchase. It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and you can join monthly webinars offered every two weeks.
How long do I have access to the program?
After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for three months - across any and all devices you own.
Does the program price include the supplements?
No! After you purchase the Truly Transform program, you will need to purchase the Truly Transform Box separately.
Does the program price include the colonics necessary for Phase 2 of the program?
Colonics are a necessary treatment in Phase 2 of the Truly Transform Program and must be done locally. Please visit https://www.i-act.org/find-a-therapist to find a local colon hydrotherapist.

"I was ready for a change and decided to try the Truly Transform program. I’m so glad I did, it completely transformed my life. After just one cleanse I lost 12 lbs and managed to keep the weight off. This program reset my entire system and my usual cravings like sugar, carbs, alcohol and coffee have significantly decreased. I feel strong, clear minded and energized. It essentially got rid of my toxins and the program gave me a clean slate to work with. I am now more in tune with my body and am more aware of how certain foods will make me feel. I’ve been able to stay on a clean diet and intend to keep it that way. I’ll be doing another cleanse this Fall!"

- Vanessa R., Truly Transform Graduate, July 2019

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